Life’s Greatest Challenge

Life’s Greatest Challenge

How to turn a God-given day into a God-governed day to become a God-Gladden day

We have a Provided day

1,440 minutes
86,400 seconds

We have a Present day

There are two days that can rob us of today:
Yesterday & Tomorrow

Unhook from Yesterday
-Past Guilt
-Past Glory
-Past Grief
-Past Grudges

Unhook from Tomorrow
Waiting for Tomorrow
Worrying about Tomorrow

We have a priceless day

We have a Providential day
The secret is seeing God’s hand in every day that He gives to us

We have a Passing day
We can either use time or lose time

When as a child, I laughed and wept
Time Crept
When as a youth, I dreamed and talked
Time Walked
When I became a full-grown man
Time Ran
When older still; I daily grew
Time Flew
Soon, I shall find in traveling on
Time’s Gone


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