Brokenness & Betrayal

Brokenness & Betrayal

Psalms 51:16-19 –> Contradiction from 16-19?…does God delight in sacrifices and offerings or no…
The answer is in v~17…sacrifices with a Broken and Contrite heart…

A-Broken and Contrite Heart
1. It is a crying out for Father in truth
a) it’s hard to fake cry
b) crying is humility
c) calls Father
2. Crying is Repentance
a) there must be a wanting to change
b) tears are a sweet worship to God
c) tears touches God’s heart
3. Brokenness and Contrite Heart
b) brokenness will want you to never go through what you went through
c) Mark 14:3–> Mary was broken enough to pour out tears and expensive perfume (more than a yrs wages)
d) brokenness is costly
e) contrite heart is honest
f) a contrite heart is humble which brings God’s Grace down
g) brokenness and a contrite heart brings value and meaning to the change of heart and brings Understanding to the Value of God changing your heart 💞💞💞
h) brokenness will be criticized as Christ was when He was Broken in Heart for Me
I) You will be hated but it’s ok Christ was hated
j) there’s a side of God that rises up when one is critical for His name’s sake…Glory to God
B- The Lord takes our Brokenness and Redeems
1. The Lord reveals Himself to the Broken and Redeemed- Jesus revealed Mary’s annointing of His feet was for His burial
2. You must be 100%…99% won’t cut it

*** Giving a little instead of All usually leads to betrayal…Judas was the one who complained about the value of the perfume and how it can be sold for money to the poor ***


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